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1. Greek Debt Vastly Overstated, Investor Tells the World: How Bad is Greek Debt? The Answer May Surprise - by Landon Thomas Jr., New York Times (Front Page), 20 Feb 2015
2. What if Greece Got Massive Debt Relief but No One Admitted It? - by Matthew C. Klein, Financial Times, 13 May 2016
3. Greek Proposal is a Potential Win Win: Paul Kazarian - Bloomberg Video, 10 July 2015
4. Paul Kazarian on Greece: US Investor Calls Debts the ‘Lie of the Century’ - by Giorgios Christides, Der Spiegel, 2 Dec 2016
5. Another Look at Greece - by Christian Beerman, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 10 May 2015
6. US Investor Kazarian: "If a CEO Were To Keep His Books Like a Politician, He Would Be in Prison" - by von Silke Wettach, WirtschaftsWoche, 19 Oct 2018
7. Europe Slow to Adopt New Accounting Standard Despite Greek Crisis - by Simon Nixon, WSJ, 12 April 2015
8. "License to Disclose," Paul Kazarian Q&A Session at The Accountant & International Accounting Bulletin conference - The Accountant, Oct 2016 Issue
9. Paul Kazarian Granted Special Editors' Award of Global Accountancy Magazines for His Contribution to Strengthening Democracy through Government Financial Management - PR Newswire, 26 Sep 2016
10. Clear and Candid (Vincent Truglia) – Greece and Eurozone at a Tipping Point -by Vincent Truglia, Clear and Candid, 7 Feb 2015
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