Discovering Armenian mini-movie featured on YouTube!


-- New York premiere of Discovering Armenian mini-movie --

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) has again selected the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation’s Discover Armenian language-learning software. And, the AGBU NY Summer Internship Program will host the New York premiere of the Foundation's short cultural film, Discovering Armenian.

--“#1 selling Armenian language software”--

Discover Armenian is interactive and fun language-learning software for every age and skill level. The program is great “edutainment” and provides quick results. Discover Armenian is the world’s number one selling Armenian language software.

“Discover Armenian is a fast and fun way to improve both beginner and advanced Armenian language skills,” said the Kazarian Foundation's Apraham Niziblian. “It’s a great tool for both Armenian language classes as well as self-teaching.”

For the second year, Discover Armenian will empower the AGBU program’s young professionals to strengthen their Armenian language skills and culture. Discover Armenian’s mission is to empower the Armenian Diaspora to learn their language and share their energy with others. The Foundation has created a global benchmark in language-learning software.

--“It’s really cool and easy to learn the Armenian language”--

AGBU summer interns will also attend a private screening of Discovering Armenian. Discovering Armenian, a mini-movie about three young Diasporan Armenians, highlights the extraordinary rewards in learning the Armenian language. The film, produced in Yerevan, sends an unmistakably powerful message… “it’s really cool (zov eh!) and easy to learn the Armenian language.” The DVD is available for free from the Kazarian Foundation and is great for laptop viewing.

“Everyone here at AGBU is excited about the Discover Armenian software and the New York premiere of Discovering Armenian,” commented Aline Ekmekji, Director for the AGBU NY Summer Internship Program. “We would like to thank the Kazarian Foundation for all its great work.”

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